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Plenom Kuando Busylight UC Alpha

SKU: Knd-Busylight-UC-A
MSRP: USD 49.95
Kuando Busylight Alpha  The Busylight Alpha is a status indicator light that will signify to others when you are busy or available. It helps reduce interruptions and allows you to gain more focus on the important task at hand. The Busylight Alpha contains a ringer light and speaker - which minimizes the risk of missing a call. It connects quickly via USB and can be installed within 2 minutes. It will sync with your 3CX phone system automatically upon installation. Features of the Busylight Alpha include:  - Built in speaker - 8 Unique ringtones - Speaker and ringtones are built into device to avoid conflicts with the PC’s audio settings (rings & flashes on incoming calls/IMs) - Missed calls indicator - Easy mass deployment through Group Policy - Easy download and installation of software - Quick connection via USB - Flexible 180-degree design rotating mounting system attaches easily on different surfaces. Includes click on/off magnetic solution for laptop (for mobility) Phone call light - Rings/flashes on incoming calls/IM - Notifications on missed calls For the open office - Suitable for monitor, laptop, and desk - For Softphones and USB headsets
1 year warranty