Privacy Policy

What information does ABP International, Inc. (ABP Technology) collect and why?

1). Home Page 

We collect the data you fill in when you create an account with us (Account data), transaction data, and cookie data. Account data is simply the information that allows us to identify you with your transactions, contact you, and ship to you. Transaction data is the information required to determine what you purchased from us, and bill you for the products or services you order. Cookie data is information that is kept on your web client from a website. We collect it for ease of use, such as remembering parts of your account when you make a repeat visit. This makes logging back in a lot easier for you. We also collect cookie data for understanding our customers needs on our website better. In doing this, we do collect your IP address which is only associated to you personally after an account is created.

The data we collect is for our internal system use and will not be sold to any third party.


2). Partner Portal 

All information regarding your customers, locations, custom items, your pricing, your quotes is private to you only. This information is only used to help you create quotes, monitor the health of customer installation, operate our RMM and similar remote management tools, get reports on customer sites or generate documents to deliver to your customers. ABP Sales Team & Marketing has no access to this information. We will not use this information in any other way than for statistical summaries to measure failure rates, usage rates, and efficiencies, and speeds and not extract individual data.

ABP International Inc. (ABP Technology) will not sell this information to any third party for usage outside of the Partner Portal. 

For questions please contact us at and we will gladly explain anything further.