SKU: EPYGI-QXISDN4**Clearance**
DIMENSIONS: 10.5" x 8.5" x 2.25"
The QXISDN4 includes four ISDN BRI ports for connecting to PSTN, legacy ISDN PBX or ISDN phones and devices. The QXISDN4 is a stand-alone SIP Gateway device that includes a firewall, HTTP server, VPN capability and an Auto Attendant for two-stage dialing. Integrating this product with any QX IP PBX allows the Gateway to then be managed through the IP PBX’s GUI.

Please Note: The QXISDN4 Gateway is not supported in the USA. This product is intended for all other countries with large networks of ISDN-based service providers. If you are unsure of support in your region, please contact Epygi Technologies directly to clarify support.
The Quadro ISDN is a 4 port ISDN gateway. Each Quadro ISDN is an stand alone SIP gateway device consisting of a VPN-router, firewall, HTTP server, and call processing software. It is also equipped with LAN and WAN Ethernet ports. This gateway can be used in a standalone configuration or slaved off an existing PBX with ISDN ports. Note: The Quadro ISDN Gateway and all other ISDN based products are not supported in the USA. This product is intented for all other countries with large networks of ISDN based service providers.
Manufacturers Warranty - 12 Months from purchase date with proof of sale. Optional additional 3 yrs of warranty available for purchase, for total of 4 years.