Isonas RC-04-PRX-M

1 – 25USD $‎1,101.99
26 +USD $‎1,257.99
DIMENSIONS: 7" x 3.5" x 1.25"
MSRP: USD 1257.99

Mullion Reader-Controller 125kHz, BLE. The RC-04 reader controller is an all-in-one intelligent device that requires a single CAT5 cable to provide power and data; eliminating the need for a panel and providing a simpler and smarter alternative leveraging the IT network.

  • Mullion, wall mount and wall mount keypad form factors allow for US and EU compatible mounting options; creating a simpler install process at each door
  • Reader-Controllers proximity-only version (125 kHz)
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) allows customers to utilize our Pure Mobile application and use their smart phone as their credential
  • Local mode feature allows readers to function without a connection to the network. This results in faster user response times, less network traffic and reduced host system loading
  • Tamper detection via accelerometer senses any type of altering and prevents a security breach with the reader
  • Metal back plate provides additional security, a simple two-piece installation and consistent read range
1 year warranty