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DrayTek AP1000C indoor Ceiling AP

1 – 49USD $‎219.33
50 – 199USD $‎350.00
200 +USD $‎350.00
SKU: DRAY-Vigor-AP1000C - (Promo Price)
The VigorAP 1000C is a business-class tri-band access point with single 2.4GHz and dual 5GHz radios, delivering fast link rate up to 2.2.Gbps. With the additional 5GHz radio, it is ideal for providing wireless access in high density environments in AP mode or forming dedicated wireless backhaul link in Mesh mode. Similar to other VigorAP models, VigorAP 1000C comes with band-steering, airtime fairness, and AP-assisted roaming, offering reliable and high-performance wireless experience.
Mesh (Wireless model only)

Easily link to other VigorAP to expand the wireless network. Learn more

PoE Power SupplyÂ

Simplify the infrastructure by getting data and power through a single cable.

Multiple SSID

Mapping Wi-Fi clients to different VLANs and have a different set of security standards Learn how

Airtime Fairness

Equalize the transmission time of each client so the legacy devices won't slow everyone down. Learn more

Band Steering

Redirect 5GHz-capable devices to the 5GHz radio to get a faster speed. Learn more

Assisted Wi-Fi Roaming

Solve the sticky client problem and improve Wi-Fi roaming experience. Learn more

Wi-Fi Scheduling

Schedule Wi-Fi On and Off to control wireless access and save energy.

Local RADIUS Server

User profile database for local and external 802.1x authentication.

Central AP Management

Manage, maintain, and monitor VigorAP 1000C from the DrayTek routers.

Manufacturers Warranty - 24 Months from purchase date with proof of sale.


  • Business-class IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN access point Support
  • 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE-PD)
  • Support Wireless VLAN
  • Various operation mode:
  • AP/WDS-bridge & repeater/universal repeater
  • Built-in RADIUS server
  • Compliance with Vigor central AP management